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1. What is the name of the Multi State Co-operative (MSC)?

            ESAF Swasraya Multi State Co-operative Credit Society Ltd


2. What is the legal of status of the MSC?

A Society registered under the Multi State Co-operative Societies Act, 2002 under the Central Register of Cooperative Societies, New Delhi.


3.When it is registered & What is its registration Number?

Registered on 13.10.2011 and Registration no. is MSCS/CR/442/2011.


4.Who can become the members of the MSC? And types of membership in MSC?

Member means a person joining in the application for the  registration of the 'SOCIETY' and includes a person admitted to membership after such registration in accordance with provisions of Multi-State Co-op Societies Act, Rules and Bye-law.

Two types of members:

                                                      1.            Ordinary Member

                                                      2.            Nominal Member 


5.What is the benefit of becoming a member of MSC?

Only a member can take part in the activities carried on the MSC, accordingly a member will be getting the benefits for the activities carried on the society, it includes but limited to extending financial support, investing in companies etc.  A member who is an honored share holder can also become the office barer of the MSC.  Apart from all the member of MSC has got rights and privileges with respect to the activities of the MSC.


6.What are the rights of member of MSC?

The member shall have the following rights and duties.

a.      Every member of the 'SOCIETY' shall have one vote in the affairs of the 'SOCIETY'.

b.      A member shall be entitled to exercise his right as a member from the date of admission as a member.

c.       To receive the notice of General Body meeting as per the bye-laws of the 'SOCIETY'.

d.      To attend and take active part in the proceedings of the General Body Meeting.

e.      To take part in the elections and contest for any post as provisions of the Act, Rules and Bye-laws of the 'SOCIETY'.

f.        To inspect member register books of accounts or any other record and obtain certified copies of the resolution or documents on a payment of fee as may be prescribed by the Board of Directors from time to time.


7.What are activities that can be carried through the MSC?

     a.      To promote overall economic betterment of members through self help and mutual aid in accordance with co-operative principles specified in the first Schedule of the Act.

     b.      To Accept the deposits from the members of the society and utilize the same for giving loans to its members or invest and make payment, the deposited amount which are accepted by the Society as and when demanded or completion of maturity period / similarly make payment of the deposit by issuing cheque, draft or by any other means.

    c.       To provide Loan to its members with mortgage or without mortgage of the property.

    d. To provide educational loan to its members, or member's son/ daughter/wife/relatives etc.

    e.      To create funds by means of deposits and borrowings hereafter to lend to members of the Society at moderate rates of interest.

    f.      To lend money to its members for hire purchase of household articles and vehicles.

    g.        To lend money to its members for their business purposes.

    h.      To lend money to its members for their specific need on Gold Loan or immovable properties with mortgage. 

    i.      To promote saving habits amongst its members.

8. How the funds of the MSC’s can be utilized?

The Society uses the funds in lending to the members and investments as per the society Act/Rules/By-Laws. 


9. Who governs the activities of the MSC’s?

Societies may be governed by the Multi-State Cooperative Societies Act, 2002.


10. Advantages of Co-operatives?

a.      Member owned organization

b.      One man one vote

c.       Habit of thrift

d.      Limited liability to members

e.      Investments in its own name

f.        The ability to sue and be sued in the name of the organization

g.      Democratic Management

h.      Well regulated organization structure

i.  Can own and manage other business organization

j.        People initiative, management and control



11. Feature of ESAF Co-Operative?

a.      ESAF is a Community and people oriented organization

b.      Majority of the Members of ESAF are economically back word

c.       Majority of the Members of ESAF are women

d.      Members of ESAF are spread across geographies

e.      ESAF is providing training for income generation activities

f.        ESAF is inculcates habit of thrift among its members

g.      ESAF is providing marketing services to the product of its members



12. Why ESAF multi state Co-operative society ?

a.      To ensure the benefit of co-operation to the members of ESAF

b.      To have formal organization structures to the benefit of the members for goods and services.

c.       To ensure the collective power and benefit of scale for the advantage of the members.

d.      To ensure that community strength of ESAF is optimally utilized

e.      To ensure that the benefit from the organizations owned and managed by ESAF and related organization will passed on the members

f.        To have a proper plat form for setting up, operate own and control new and existing initiatives of ESAF and related organization